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Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler

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Little Riders's Jeep Wrangler Inspired Car is a brand new model and has all the fun features that a ride on car should have. This model is upgraded with features such as leather seat, Soft EVA wheels and mp3 player with Bluetooth connectivity. With realistic shape, beautiful lights and openable doors this car will be true source of joy and fun for your little one. If your child is not ready to get behind the wheel then do not worry as this model comes with a wireless remote control which lets you  take the lead when required.

The Kids High Spec 12V Sit-In Official Jeep Gladiator SUV features a Twin-motor drive system with 2X45W 12V motors powered by the included heavy-duty 12V7Ah battery cell. This type of system is ideal for ages 3-6, and is capable of maintaining its top speed of 5kmph on both hard, flat surfaces and firm, level lawns.

Control is very easy thanks to the easy grip steering wheel and the one-touch pedal controls. To engage the motors, simply press the pedal, and to brake simply release the pedal, and the vehicle will automatically engage the brake, meaning that the vehicle will not coast and will always be under control.

Inside the Elite 4WD Official Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 12v Ride-On Off-Roader kids electric car

As well as pedal and steering wheel controls, the Kids High Spec 12V Sit-In Official Jeep Gladiator SUV features a full 2.4G BlueTooth parental remote system, making it ideal for younger drivers to hone their driving skills. The included remote handset allows you to control both steering and drive, and also allows you to remotely switch the vehicle off, making this the ideal vehicle for beginner drivers.

The Kids High Spec 12V Sit-In Official Jeep Gladiator SUV Features:

  • Officially Licensed Jeep Product
  • Motors: 2 x 45W
  • Battery: 1 x 12V8Ah
  • Gearbox: 2 Gears, (Forward/Backward), 3 Speed Modes, (Slow, Normal, Fast)
  • Dimensions: 148cm (L) x 80cm (W) x 68cm (H) - (When Built)
  • Dimensions: 115cm (L) x 64cm (W) x 41cm (When Boxed)
  • Max Speed: 3-6km/h
  • Box Weight: 25kg
  • Max Load: 35kg
  • Charging Time: 8 Hours
  • Usage Duration: Up To 1 Hour
  • Brake: Emergency Brake From R/C

Kids High Spec 12V Sit-In Official Jeep Gladiator SUV Info

    • Seatbelts: Yes
    • Doors: Yes
    • Boot: Yes
    • Keys: No
    • Seat: Leather Seat
    • Wheels: Eva Rubber
    • Remote Control: 2.4G Bluetooth, 3 Speed Selection, (Slow, Normal, Fast)
    • Lights: Headlights, Taillights
    • Audio: MP3, AUX, Display, USB, SD Card


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